The Coldest Water Bottle: All You Need To Know About It

Which Is The Best Coldest Water Bottle
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Finally! Some REAL information about finding The Coldest Water Bottle to keep water cold and not paying some outrageous price for it. This post also included the coldest water bottle review too.

Do you exercise regularly, work outside, or like to carry a stylish, functional water bottle that keeps water cold? Have you tried others that gave you warm results- yuck, there is nothing worse? If so, this post will help you by finding then creating this best of the best list for water bottles that keep water extremely cold to review.

If you take full advantage of these beneficial products, you can easily use The Coldest Water Bottle and never have warm water when you’re thirsty again.

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Most Popular Water Bottles – The Coldest Water Bottles

Nalgene Tritan Water Bottle (1 of 13,854 Reviews / 5.0 stars on
Contigo Chill Water Bottle – (1 of 9, 073 Reviews /4.7 stars on

The Coldest Water Bottles

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best plastic water bottle

Nalgene Tritan Water Bottle

The Nalgene Tritan Water Bottle is Wide Mouth and BPA-Free. It is also the perfect water bottle that keeps water cold for the gym, office, camping, exploring, and everywhere in between. It is completely leak-proof, made of virtually indestructible BPA-free Tritan, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe. Even the opening accommodates most water filters. This is the water bottle that product that gets the job done.

Review (1 of 13,854 / 5.0 stars)

I carry this thing literally everywhere I go. A funny thing about water: if it’s in front of me, I’ll drink it. Since this guy holds a whole liter of water, I drink several liters a day! I used to be chronically dehydrated, never drinking water because it wasn’t staring me in the face. This has been such an awesome change-maker in my life. Plus, there’s nothing as classic as a Nalgene.

I personally prefer the Widemouth, having previously carried around a Camelbak that only turned me off drinking water. The weird straw on the Camelbak, which you have to bite, just felt germy and gross all the time. I couldn’t get the thing clean enough. The wide-mouth Nalgene is a nice change because I can easily get scrub brushes and sponges in there and clean the bottle out really well. This is especially nice as I often like to make smoothies and take them to class with me during the day. The Nalgene holds a ton of smoothie, and there’s no problem getting it clean, even after a smoothie. ( by collegerepeat)

best glass water bottle

ZULU Atlas Glass Water Bottle

You know the ZULU Atlas Glass Water Bottle is amazing and the perfect water bottle to keep water cold because it was actually made for Athletes. Athletes that travel because it is perfect for carrying in the car travel or to a gym routine One Designed with a touch push button lid with lock and the whole thing is is completely leak-proof. Another thing I love about this coldest water bottle is the fact that ZULU has a Lifetime Guarantee. So, your purchase is protected. See more about the Guarantee,

This Coldest Water Bottle Review (1 of 2,249/4.4 stars )

I can’t really ask for a better water bottle—a very well-engineered design. First off, drinking anything out of a glass is just so much better taste-wise. Most glass sport water bottles miss their mark because the part that touches your lips is still plastic. While this provides the best features in a sports water bottle (i.e., push-button auto-flip lid and easy, secure lid-lock), it also allows the water to go straight from the glass to your mouth.

Another great feature is the engineering of the rubber sheath. While I was originally worried that the rubber was too thin on the sides, I realize the design’s genius in that it’s only thick where it needs to be in case it falls. It really only has thick rubber circling the bottom and top edges, keep the girth and weight of the bottle down. The side rubber is really only for grip, which also works perfectly; this will not slide out of your hand.

The last thing, the thumb loop is also designed very well. It is sturdy, flexible, comfortable, and super easy to slide your finger in and out. (by Nelio)

best insulated water bottle

Contigo Chill water bottle

Best Insulated Water Bottle

Contigo Chill Water Bottle has THERMALOCK double-walled vacuum insulation. This Water Bottle Keeps Water and drinks cold for up to 28 hours! You can operate the one-handed auto button to seal the lid between and cut out all spills and leaks. This Amazing coldest water bottle even has a carry handle for easy transport anywhere!

Review (1 of 9.073/4.7 stars)

Finally!! The holy grail! I used to have an under armor (made by Thermos) stainless steel vacuum bottle similar to this for years, but the lid was made of cheap plastic. Just falling over would put a crack in the flip top and render it useless. BUT I really liked the design otherwise.

KEY things you need in a good water bottle:
1) Keeps things cold for >12 hours (this reports 18,
and I believe it is kept full…obviously if the volume is low, it won’t stay as cold as long).
2) Durable (let’s face it, you are going to drop this eventually)
3) ONE-handed operation (who has time to use TWO hands…I mean your phone is likely in the other, am I right?)
4) Handle…this one is great as it is there if you need it and hidden when you don’t…again, multi-tasking…I often am juggling many things, and being able to carry 24 oz of ice-cold water with my pinky finger, I’m happy.
5) Size. 24 oz is key. 18, 20 are too small, and I wouldn’t say I like having to stop refilling this throughout the day. read more from. (by Scott in GR, MI)

keeps water cold for 24 hours

Coleman FreeFlow Water Bottle

Water Bottle That Keeps Water Cold For 24 Hours

A Durable, double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel water bottle that keeps water cold up to 31 hours. The Coleman FreeFlow Water Bottle has a High-flow spout that allows you to hydrate quickly. The Easy button-operated AUTOSEAL seal lid cuts out spills and leaks, and a patented slide lock prevents the accidental pushing of the button while you’re on the go! How awesome is this coldest water bottle!

Review (1 of 4,422/4.6 stars)

This Thermos is great for cold beverages and will retain ice overnight, and we’ll into the next day. It does have a few features that make this double-walled Thermos superior to any other I own (even over hydroflask). The lid has a little pin that you can lock in place to keep it from the opening period. It is easy to use one-handed. The parts inside of the lid will snap open to allow you to reach any spot (my Contigo lid works similarly but is impossible to clean completely). The outer wall is nicely textured, making it easy to hang on to.

And lastly, the reason I may need to get a song or (even though I have ten thermoses of other brands) is that there is a no-slip rubber ring on the bottom that also silences the Thermos when set on a table in the middle of the night. (by Jamie)

best water bottle brand

s’well bottle

image from

S’well coldest water bottle review for

I was reluctant to buy it mainly because of the price, but now that I did, I don’t regret it. It’s my go-to bottle for cold/hot water. I take it everywhere with me, including work and the gym.

Design – The stainless steel makes it look timeless. It comes in several colors, including ‘Blonde Wood,’ which is the one I ordered. It’s painted on, but it really looks like wood, especially in person. The S’well bottom is on the bottom and is visible, depending on the pattern you get.

Quality – I’m satisfied with the quality of the bottle. It feels very sturdy, and the lid closes tightly to prevent spills. The insulation also works as advertised. It keeps my water cold and hot for many hours. I would be careful about dropping it; however, it will probably dent if it hits the ground hard enough. Some people have also said that there’s a chance the coating will chip away.

If you’re prone to dropping your bottle (like me), I would recommend getting their swing cap. It’s a different version of the stainless steel cap, which comes with a small handle that you can hold onto. You can find it on their website under the accessories section.

Due to the painted design its not recommended that you put them in a dishwasher. Instead, give them a good rinse with water before scrubbing them clean with some soap. They have a special brush that you can get but I got a cheaper set of brushes on Amazon that works just as well. You can stick it inside of the bottle to get to the bottom.

Value – S’well products are not the cheapest but I believe you’re paying for the quality. Let me just say its A LOT better than plastic water bottles. You can also pick a design that best expresses your personality and style! (by Samantha Kaufman)

Shop S’well Water Bottle Products on Amazon

hydro flask bottles

image from

Amazing Hydro Flask Product Review for

I love this thing! My hydro flask has traveled so many places with me, and this sucker never leaks. After getting through airport security, I fill this up with water. It is usually stuck in my backpack while in the airplane, along with my laptop and other electronic devices… and I never have to worry about water getting over everything.

This bottle is around 30 oz; it does NOT fit in my car’s cup holder, which was an initial concern for me, and I quickly got over it. My water is cold throughout the day (which is import, especially when I’m flying) and holds enough water not to have to fill it up regularly. It is sturdy too. I have dropped this down a flight of stairs, and there is only a slight dent; you do have to look closely to see it. The hydro flask is a bit on the pricey side, and I do have to say that I’m thrilled with my purchase! The color is great too; I haven’t seen anyone with this color. If you are considering this purchase, you won’t be sorry. (by Farrah)

Shop Hydro Flask Water Bottles Products on Amazon

miir bottles

Miir Water Bottles
Image from Amazon

Amazing Miir Water Bottle Review for

This is unequivocally the best water bottle I’ve ever used. Better than hydro flask, swell, klean kanteen, cantigo, nalgene, you name it.

Miir bottles are beautifully designed. They keep your water cold for a very long time (I don’t use it for anything but water). The lid is very intentionally easy to clean (which has been an issue for me with other water bottles). This bottle (I have the wide mouth version) is the whole package for me, but the easy cleaning is the game-changer. I’ve had to throw away water bottles that I couldn’t clean the inside of the lid because the ridges were buried deep inside of it. This bottle is designed the opposite, so it’s a no-brainer.

The bottle comes in a variety of different sizes, but I personally elected for the largest size. For how I use it, I love it. Miir is the real deal. Their coffee cups are great, too, by the way. (by Brad)

Shop Miir Water Bottle Products on Amazon

Well, There You Have It! I Hope You Enjoyed This Post And Found It Helpful. Be Sure To Let Me In The Comments.

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