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DIY Beach Hair Spray For Curly Hair

This sea salt spray for hair is an easy DIY way to get beach curls at home. I realized when I visited the beach last summer. I loved how my hair felt and acted. It Just looked great, and it was Wavy, not frizzy.  Later that night I started searching for products that would keep this look & feel.

I discovered there is a saltwater texturizing spray on Amazon. There are some really awesome ones that I am sure would work well on my hair. However, I am super frugal and always try to make it myself. so I wanted to try to make my own – DIY sea salt spray! As always, Pinterest came through for me! I found some that I liked – but nothing was perfect. So, I had to mix, tweek, and create until I found my liking! I have to say I love my creation!! To me, This is the best DIY craft product I have created!

When do I use my Beach Hair Spray      

I actually use my DIY Beach Hair spray in the mornings. I use it pretty much every day. I have found, that It’s not just for Summer. One bottle of it doesn’t last me too long – but since it’s not expensive to make – its not a problem.  

Quick Tip

One thing I do want to mention is, make sure you use a good spray bottle. I even have some really good small travel spray bottleI take with me too. Since I started using it – I won’t be found without it!

DIY Beach Hair Spray For Curly Hair
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Here is my Secret Money Saving Formula:  

  • 1.5 C water
  • 1.5 Tbs Sea Salt (The sea salt seems to work better than the stuff I keep near the stove)
  • 2 tbs Hair oil of choice (I now use a fractionated coconut oil to keep it from solidifying — and I use a full 2 tbs because my hair is SO dry).
  • you can also add a bit of essential oil of your choice  (this one’s mine) because I can mix the smells and that makes me happy!

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