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Welcome to Shaunalana.com! This is my first post! So, Hello – I’m Shauna!

I have always had a passion for writing & helping others.

A little more about Me (Shauna) and My Website Shaunalana.com

So, I combined the two and created Shaunalana.com. I started ShaunaLana .com so I can share loads of Budget Tips, Weight loss Hacks, Blogging Advice, and more with others. This information is what helped me go from an unhappy” My Life’s a Mess” girl: to a Very happy “My Life’s a Success” girl fast. With my posts on the topics below, I have been able to help others on their own personal journeys too. Getting healthy, Learning to save my money & make more money, blogging, and the other things I talk about have completely changed my life. They can yours too! Check out my latest posts on the topics below for amazing information. And as always, contact me if need be!

You Can See More About Me On The Following Pages On Shaunalana .Com!:

I love to connect with others! Shaunalana .com!

I love to connect! and hear any questions, tips, suggestions, guests post ideas, requests, or anything else you have in mind.” Also, If you’d like to collaborate, I would be happy to connect with you as well.” Please, feel free to drop a line or two and I will get back with you as quickly as possible.

You can contact me here:

Running Shaunalana.com, learning, and writing to help others is something I plan on doing from now on! It is Just so much Fun!!

– Shauna #Shaunalana.com

Things I Love To Write About

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