Alerts and Alarms for Latest COVID 19 Info By State [USA].

Alerts and Alarms for Latest COVID 19 Info By State [USA].

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Keep up with the Latest Trends in the number of Coronavirus cases by state in the USA. Get the Latest number of Coronaviruscases by state news from the table below:

How to Stay Safe: Coronavirus Cases by State in the USA

The CDC has information and guidelines on the Coronavirus, how to protect yourself, and more! You can Find that Information here!

Some Main Points to Staying safe are:

  • Make sure and wash your hands often.
  • Avoid close contact with people, and that means everyone!
  • Wear a mask on your mouth and nose
  • Be Sure to Cover all coughs and sneezes.
  • Watch forSymptoms

How you can really Help Others

Even if we’re being told to maintain a safe distance, aka social distance from one another, there are many Amazing ways we can still help each other! I have listed some great organizations that need your support Below!

  • Feeding America: Find local food banks and donate to them
  • Meals on Wheels: Help Seniors get Their Food! We all know they need to Stay Home the most!!
  • GetUsPPE: Help get our healthcare heroes the protection they need!
  • If you have recovered, Please help and give plasma! See FDA
  • Donate Blood to The Red Cross! It helps everyone in general!

If you have other Places in mind that can be helpful - Please, Please place in the Comments Below! Also Tips for how to stay safe. We all have to work together. Right now! Thank you!

Stay Informed Table [USA]

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