Cooking gadgets; Little helpers to cook great meals in no time! [TIME SAVERS]

Cooking Gadgets that save time when kitchen cooking

Looking for a faster way to cook great meals daily? Well, I was too. However, now most meals I make are speedy. So, I spend more time out of the kitchen with family and friends. I found a fantastic group of new cooking gadgets that keep me from staying in the kitchen cooking so long. Before these few pieces of kitchen equipment came into my life, meals seemed too long to prepare. Being hot, tired, and grumpy was the mood I brought to the family’s dinner table most nights. That changed as I started using these eight kitchen must-haves; they are indeed exceptional! So what cooking equipment can you use to not stay in the kitchen cooking so long? Keep reading for the answer.

Many people have discovered that by using some simple cooking gadgets, the meals seem almost to make themselves! I placed some fantastic kitchen equipment below. In fact, I found the budget-friendly items online and received free shipping within two days through AMAZON PRIME. After receiving the cooking equipment, I tried them out in the kitchen cooking a few favorite recipes. These are deffinatley kitchen must-haves. So, on this list are items that allow for more time with family and friends by helping in meal prepration so you are not in the kitchen cooking. Could you use more quality with family and friends?

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kitchen equipment tip I wanted to Quickly share:

Before I jump into this cooking gadget kitchen must-have list, I want to share a genius product. If you have children that love to help out in the kitchen cooking? Then I would recommend you take a close look at this kitchen helper stool (on Amazon). This piece of safety kitchen equipment helps put an end to standing in random chairs, sitting on counters, and emergency room trips due to a fall. The little ones love to help us do big things. Keeping the cooking equipment safe is our job! So, check it out here – For Sure! with that in mind, let’s move on to the list, shall we?

8 Small Kitchen Gadgets – Your Home Cook Needs!

12-Piece Colored Kitchen Knife Set

These are perfect for yourself and as a gift (They only look  expensive!)

Shauna from

What stands out the most about this cooking gadget is the stylish, bright, and fun colors. However, besides being stylish, the colors do have a particular purpose. They are in a color-coded system to make for rapid knife identification. This piece of kitchen equipment includes a beneficial method to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination during food preparation. That is a Big Deal!! The color coating on this kitchen must-have is also nonstick. Which helps prevent food from sticking to the blade. In short, speed and safety are built into this piece of cooking equipment. Does your knife set do all this while you are in the kitchen cooking?

This is what Michael b says in this kitchen equipment review: These blades are great; the sheaths are sturdy and look great. The knives fill and kitchen-related tasks you may have. The orange knife is personally my favorite; cuts through all kinds of things with no effort needed, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, my thumb, this thing cuts through anything. SEE MORE

The Electric Egg Cooker Is A Cooking Gadget Designed To Be Easy And Fast.

A piece of kitchen equipment that creates foods for picky eaters, large families, or busy schedules. Use this kitchen must-have to quickly make hard-boiled, soft boiled, poached, and scrambled eggs. Do it super fast, because within minutes of the pushing the start button – the eggs are ready. Kitchen cooking can’t be any more effortless.

This is what Rebecca says about this cooking equipment in this review: if you are on the fence about getting this item, you need to GET ONE. It is as easy as it sounds to have a perfectly cooked egg, no guesswork. SEE MORE

The Pizza Cutter Wheel Made The Kitchen Equipment [List].

This Super Sharp and Easy To Clean cooking gadget also have a Protective Blade Guard. This pizza cutter gets an excellent fast, clean cut through your pizza with speed! You can be done wasting money on bulky cooking equipment that does not fit properly in the cabinet. Importantly, no more kitchen cooking worries. The adults & kids will not cut hands. This little slicer is fantastic. Do you think it will work better than yours?

This is what Busy Guy says about this kitchen must-have in this review: I used to work for Dominos & Pizza Hut in my college days. So, I have a super lot of pizzas. Therefore, I feel that I know a bit more about the pizza cutter wheel than laypeople. First, it cut well. Second, handling was effortless… SEE MORE

This Boiled Egg Peeler is my favorite kitchen must-have in this post.

The Negg Boiled Egg Peeler is impressive! This cooking gadget slips the egg right out of its shell. Just SHAKE up and down while you are in the kitchen cooking. When you see the white appears, it’s done. THAT’s IT! Genius – cooking equipment!! It slips out of its shell. Can you peel boil eggs perfectly every time? 

This is what Kae says about this kitchen equipment in this review: Once we knew it worked, it was worth the price. I purchased this one and sent it to my mom as a gift because I knew she would never spend this amount to get it for herself. She’s always doing deviled eggs, egg salad, and macaroni salad with eggs for church potlucks, and I wanted it to be more comfortable for her. She’s used it several times and loves it! SEE MORE

Snap N Strain Strainer is made for Speed and Convenience while in the kitchen cooking

This is another- just plain GENIUS kitchen must-have! No more Bulky strainers just stacked up wherever they will fit for me! The time you can with this clip-on design is tremendous. Specially designed, this cooking gadget has clips that securely attaches to nearly all round pots & pans, and bowls. YES- that even includes a fit for cooking equipment with lipped sides. So Small & compact, this strainer is a significant time-saver. Will your strainer fit into small places like a kitchen drawer?

This is what Ashley M says about this kitchen equipment in this review: This worked so well for draining grease from my fry pan. There was no leaking. It poured perfectly into a cup. I used it to drain hot water from boiling noodles, also! [SEE MORE]

This Breakfast Sandwich Maker is a cooking gadget that saves time on busy mornings.


This kitchen must-have makes a custom sandwich in just 5 minutes. Save time in the mornings and still eat a hot delicious breakfast. What other item from your kitchen equipment is that fast to use? Make your life simpler. Spend less time in the kitchen cooking with this time-saver. Only four steps and your DONE- Ready to Grab and Go! 

This is what Justin Branco says about this cooking equipment in this review: This product is everywhere. Amazon, Target, Walmart, Marshall’s, and it is an absolute joy to own. When I purchased my first one for the Dorm room, it was a gimmick and a joke. Little did I know I was going to be running my very own short order diner when it came to playing FIFA with the boys or having late-night Netflix and BEC’s. [SEE MORE]

An Angry piece of kitchen equipment to save your time when cleaning the Microwave.

No need to get mad over microwave messes anymore! The Angry Mama kitchen must-have will handle it for you. This steam cleaning piece of cooking equipment is an easier way to wipe the dirty excess from the microwave. Stop scrubbing or using dangerous chemicals. Just a little DIY Hack, when you get yours try adding a little bit lemon juice to the water for a great clean smell after being in the kitchen cooking!

This is what Tom P. says about this cooking gadget in this review: Does exactly what it claims to do. After filling with water & vinegar, put it in the microwave and ran, let it sit for a minute, and after that, wipe & clean the entire inside with a damp sponge or paper towel. [SEE MORE]

Keep well, by food temps staying correct. ThermoPro Digital; a kitchen must-have


An essential part of the food prep is temperature! With a Thermometer that is this Collapsible! Easy to store and even easier to use. The best part about this one is you can use it for everything! Meat to candy it has you covered. It has so many great reviews on Amazon! For example, read the one below.

This is what SK says about this kitchen equipment in this review: I like this thermometer. One of the things I like best about it is that it takes a regular AAA battery. I will not have to buy a much more expensive “button type” battery like my last thermometer used.[SEE MORE]

A Brief Recap of the Cooking gadgets; Little helpers to cook great meals in no time! [TIME SAVERS]

  1. AmazonBasics Kitchen Knife Set
  2. Electric Egg Cooker by DASH
  3. Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel
  4. The Negg Boiled Egg Peeler
  5. Gizmo Snap-N-Strain Strainer
  6. Breakfast Sandwich Maker
  7. Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner
  8. ThermoPro Digital

So as you know, It is not always easy to make excellent meals fast. Thankfully, there are so many unique and budget-friendly cooking gadgets that can help you when you are in the kitchen cooking. Just like the kitchen must-haves, I posted here! Now, try all eight pieces of kitchen equipment – and see why you needed this kitchen must haves a long time ago! Also, Don’t forget! Let me know any other cooking equipment you learn about in the comments!

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