8 best storage beds to boost your home decor and organization

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With most of us still spending more time in our homes than usual, the accumulation of new stuff and the wear on our furniture is happening. The home you live in is not so organized before you know it and looks a little shabby. One excellent way to fix this is by boosting your home decor and organization with one of these 8 best storage beds. To me, the best part about a new bed frame with storage is all the exciting bedroom designs you can do. A twin bed with storage will look and function great in any kid’s room. At the same time, a platform bed with storage or a stunning upholstered storage bed would boost your home design too.

This list has many types of beds with storage. All items on this list are Budget-friendly, high quality, and show maximum style. My favorite is the upholstered storage bed. It is such a great item (purchased for my daughter). We love the elegant look, and I rave about it to everyone! Make sure you check it out and let me know what you think!

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8 best storage beds

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The Most Popular ones sold are platform beds with storage in queen-sized. The stylish Queen frame with storage down below has six spacious drawers that are ideal for storing linens, clothes, toys, and lots more!

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Storage Beds With The Ultimate Storage Bed Reviews
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I had no trouble rating this a 5-star product. All materials were well made, and the instruction booklet was straightforward to follow. All hardware was accounted for. Put 80% of this together with a Phillips head screwdriver… Debbie

full platform bed with storage

This stylish bed offers clean lines for an amazing upgraded look in your home. There are 3 large drawers with simple wooden knobs. An elegant thing about this full platform bed is the rounded corners. Rounded corners increase safety, so it’s a perfect bed for all ages.

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Storage Beds With The Ultimate Storage Bed Reviews
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Seriously love the South Shore brand. We bought my oldest son’s crib, changing table, and dresser through these guys on Amazon back in 2017. No issues whatsoever with any of those items, even two years later. So fast forward to 2019, I’m 5 months pregnant, and we are switching our now two-year-old to a big boy bed set... Read More from Morgan Cusato

twin bed with storage

Whether you’re a busy professional in need of a perfect small space solution for your condo or home or cool and functional furniture for your dorm or first apartment, DHP has you covered. this is a perfect twin bed with storage

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Storage Beds With The Ultimate Storage Bed Reviews
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The under bed drawers are large yet lightweight (see photo), so the bed is not too heavy to move when fully assembled. The drawers take a while to assemble, but they’re worth it. A hard semi-flexible translucent plastic material. read more J in NYC

high beds with storage

Maximize your bedroom space with High Beds With Storage. A full-size loft bed doesn’t take up much floor space; you can see that in the great example below. This space-saving loft bed gives you room underneath to store anything. It is designed in a contemporary style.

The Ultimate Guide
image Amazon

Amazing reviews

I was a little scared about getting this bed. It’s designed for children, but I’m an adult and on the heavy side (215lbs). I really needed the space, and the place I chose wouldn’t accommodate a full loft bed, so I took a chance. I was very surprised….. Read More from Naomi

full-size platform

A very chic style chic bed. The button-tufted diamond detailing is Amazing.

The Storage Beds With The Ultimate Storage Bed Reviews
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I bought two of these beds, and they turned out so nice. Pleasantly surprised and happy so far. We used only mattresses with no box spring, and it works great. I like that there is no space under the beds for messes or dust bunnies to gather….. Katrina K

upholstered storage bed

These beds have a Trendy modern design. Updating the look of your bedroom using an upholstered bed is perfect! The example below is amazing – Check out the drawers for storage! The best part is the price. You will not believe it until you see it for yourself!

Trendy modern design, this upholstered platform headboard
image credit Amazon.com


I bought a bed from these guys about 2 months ago, and it been great! I’ve had no issues with it since. It was easy to assemble and was shipped very fast. It looks really great, and our daughter loves it...read more from Ashley

Additions To A Bed Frame With Storage For Max Comfort

A lot of people ask this question. I give the same answer every time. The best beds will offer both comfort and style. However, there are some things you can add to your bed to ensure comfort. these are available for twin thru King Sized bed frames with storage

Well, There You Have It! I Hope You Enjoyed This Post And Found It Helpful. Be Sure To Let Me In The Comments.

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