Beach Towels: Which One Do You Really Need? This Will Help!

Beach Towels: Which One Do You Really Need?
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Needing a Beach Towel for the trip to the beach or pool? Trying to find quality cute beach towels is sometimes difficult. I have been disappointed quite a few times. Especially with thick beach towels.

In fact, there are a lot of things not known about the Best beach towels. This post will help you choose the best option by sharing the information I found while searching for thick beach towels myself. Included here are all the good and the bad points. So, jump right in and enjoy this short helpful post. Hey, maybe we can catch some beach towels on sale.

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Which Beach Towel Do You Really Need?

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(Plush) thick

Thick Beach Towels are amazing! Not only do they absorb better they are so soft and cuddly! Thick beach towels

17 Awesome Ideas For The Best Beach Towels. Amazon Beach Towels Round Beach Towel Even Beach Towels For Kids
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I never thought I’d ever write a review for a towel, but the product warrants it! I’m a big believer in getting what I pay for. And when it comes to comfort, I’m willing to pay for it. Needing a nice towel for a weekend trip to the beach, I wanted something that could handle the conditions and make me FEEL GOOD. This towel is the softest, PLUSHEST towel I ever touched. I even washed it twice and the colors and durability held up. I highly recommend this towel to anyone who enjoys comfort and softness. FroShow

Over-sized cute beach towels

Over-Sized Beach Towels are what you need if you want to sprawl out with over-sized coverage. Put it down for lots of room at the beach. It is also easy to spot when you leave it somewhere – like a water park!


This is a great size for lounging, sand doesn’t stick to it and dries so quickly! It packs up well and was a great addition to my carry-on only tropical travels. My only “complaint” is the direction to wash by hand. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will probably just throw this in with my normal towels and see how it survives.A. Lomas

Stylish rounds

Round Beach Towels are far more than just a regular towel. You can use them for an outside movie night or picnic. They have more style than the Regular rectangular type of beach towel, and they are large enough for you to stretch out and share.


I bought this towel in the royal blue color with orange and white. It is exactly as pictured, stunning! It looks like it has a peacock feather motif. I am surprised at the quality and thickness of the towel. The fringe makes it look like a rug, and is thick, not the kind of fringe that will get ratty with washings. I just removed it from the dryer after a warm wash in the machine, and it hasn’t faded a bit or shrunk. It’s just softer! I Am buying a second one.


Personalized Beach Towels are great to add personality to your item! Hey, no one can steal your towel ever again!….. Well, unless they have the same name!- cute beach towels


I originally gave a 1-star review for these towels based on massive shipping delays. However, they arrived today, and I have to say I cannot be happier with the product! They are of fantastic quality, AND the company gave me 20% off for the delay! Kerri Montalbano


Turkish Beach Towels are incredibly user friendly. They’re thin, lightweight, super absorbent, and have a stunning design. Turkish Beach Towels the perfect accessory for your bathroom, the beach, or even your backyard movie night!.

(Amazon Review)

It took a while to get used to, but I absolutely love my Turkish towel. It is very lightweight and a welcome change from heavy bath towels. I suffer from fibromyalgia and severe arthritis in my shoulders, and this towel has been a real blessing. If you’re anything like me with physical restraints, give this towel a chance. You’ll love it. L. Sauder

in bulk

Beach Towels In Bulk is a great buying option! Why pay full price for one when you can get such a discount on multiple!


The towels arrived quickly in Hawaii. I was pleased with the quality of the material and colors. It is a great towel for the beach because it is not too thick and easy to stuff in a bag or carry it. It is also a great size to layout on. I bought these towels to give as a gift to others. It was easy to roll them up and put and tie a ribbon around it. The kids who received them loved it, and each child could choose the color they wanted. Mama from Maui

beach towels for kids


Personalized Beach Towels For Kids are designed to be fun for everyone. Adding a personal touch lets your child feel special. These are the perfect kid’s towels. No one can steal their towel ever again!….. Well, unless they have the same name!

17 Awesome Ideas For The Best Beach Towels. Amazon Beach Towels Round Beach Towel Even Beach Towels For Kids
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It was the perfect gift for my brother in law! He’s a swimmer and wanted something different for him..……… LJ

children with hoods

Children’s Beach Towels With Hoods will have your little ones drying off so that they can get out and wear a fun hooded towel. Also, these beach towelskeep them protected from the sun at the beach or sitting poolside.

(Amazon Review)

Our almost 3-year-old gets excited every time he gets to use this towel. It has a hood and spots for your hands, which he enjoys. He’s a taller kid (wears 4t), and it’s not too big for him, but it definitely could fit a kid bigger as well. It seems like it’s well made, Amy D.


Dinosaur Beach Towel, This stylish design Beach towel, is not just a gorgeous bath towel or beach blanket; you may also want to use it as a travel throw blanket, picnic blanket or carpet, wall decorative tapestry, and more. It has so many uses outdoors or indoors. This beach towel is sure to become any child’s favorite!

(Amazon Review)

This towel is actually used for my son’s nap at school! He has a dinosaur lunchbox and bookbag, so he wanted him to have a towel to match his other school stuff! It’s pretty narrow, but he is 4, so it’s okay for him. The colors are great, and the thickness is nice. The length is normal. My only complaint would be how narrow it is because it doesn’t give him much room to roll over without the towel coming off. But if you are looking for a cute towel for a beach trip or a trip to the pool, this towel will work great for that, I’m sure!
Brianna Lehman

toddler poncho

(Amazon Review)

Problem alert!!!!!! Now my son wants no other towel for his swim classes. I have purchased various types here on amazon. Now he only wants the Spider-Man. The quality is ok, and it serves the purpose. It dries him off after his swimming lessons. It keeps him warm and looks cool. I might have to purchase another. My son will be 4 in 2 months, and it is a little short on him. Also, he is tiny for his age. It does fit my 2 years old perfectly. Mid ankle length. – Mom of 2 Toddler boys


Disney Beach Towels, you can Bring home your favorite character! These beach towels are great for the bath, pool, or beach! Any Disney fan will love drying off with these beautifully designed towels! This one is featuring Minnie from the Show. How awesome is that?


This item is amazing, the color is great! Doesn’t look cheap at all, worth the price. Size of a beach towel, it’s perfect! I bought it for my daughter, who screamed and hugged it when I gave me to her (she’s 14), and I really am impressed with the quality. I bought another towel from a different seller for my other daughter and was extremely disappointed with the quality. But this one is amazing. It won’t give me the option to add pictures to this review, or else I would! – kori cas

Best Beach Towels by brands

Amazon cute beach towels

Best Seller Amazon Beach Towels they have it all – Just see for yourself!

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