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It’s really no wonder that there is some demand for acrylic nails for kids because of all the colors and fun nail designs. Face it; Little girls want to be just like mom. And as we all know, acrylic nail tips and gel nail extensions are a huge thing for women nowadays. In fact, getting fake nails for kids seems to be increasing in popularity and becoming a prevalent thing. Just scroll Instagram and check out the images of all the little girls getting their nails done, and you will see what I mean. However, the question is, do we really want to use “Acrylic” nails for little girls?

Many things are unknown about using acrylic nails for kids, such as the chemical effects and pains in children wearing them. So, In this post, we will help you choose the best option by sharing the valuable info we found while searching for this topic ourselves. In fact, we cover the good and bad points. Also, there is a huge list of nail designs for kids that we included as well. In fact, you will absolutely adore it. So, jump right in and enjoy this short but very helpful post.

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Most women have had acrylic nail tips or gel nail extensions at one time or another. Maybe you have worn then for a party, wedding, or another event.  But, Before you decide if acrylic nails for kids is something you want to allow. Here is a quick refresher on exactly what it involves.

Let’s talk – acrylic nails for kids.

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Most adult women have had acrylic nail tips or gel nail extensions at one time or another. If you don’t wear them all the time, then maybe you have worn them for a party, a wedding, or another type of event. Even so, before you decide if acrylic nails for kids is something you want to allow. Here is a super-quick refresher on exactly what they involve.

Acrylic Nails combine a liquid monomer and powder polymer paste, with an extension tip. They bond very strongly to the nails after applied and hard, which adds extra length and thickness. Acrylic Nails last about 2 weeks before they require a fill-in. The cost in my home town is $35.00 for a good basic set. Also, every fill-in [$20], polish change [$7], and nail breakage repair [$5], etc… has its cost. You must either maintain the nails regularly or have them removed the right way. If not properly removed, they can damage the natural nail. So you see, even after just this quick review, do we really want to get our little girls’ nails done this way?

Fake nails for kids; It’s a simple Yes/No?

After spending hours literally researching and weighing the options, I must say NO – that kids’ acrylic nails are not a good idea. For starters, It seems to me, the liquid and powder paste would be too chemically strong for little girls’ nails and their sensitive skin. Then there is the fact of breaking a nail while horsing around. This, in fact, maybe very painful. Finally, there is just too much cost and maintenance involved in this type of fake nails for kids. Acrylic nail tips for children don’t make sense, especially because of the other fantastic alternative options available. While researching, I did find some amazing nails for little girls. You are going to love them!

HUGE List of Nail Designs For Kids

Now, just because we have ruled out acrylic nails for kids does not mean that little girls are stuck with plain old’ nail polished nails. They can still have fun, long fake nails with fantastic nail designs. All you have to do is try one of the many offered “press on” nails for kids. These nails have safer chemicals in the glue, come off with ease, require minimal maintenance, and, best of all, cost a whole lot less. With so many fun designs, kids can style like mom, and mom can feel great about it. So, now let’s forget about the acrylic nails for kids and take a peek at the nail designs below for your inspiration! In fact, We started this list with the ones our little girls [the neices] picked out and liked the most.

Cool Nail Art Ideas

There really are so many different cool nail art ideas out there for little girls you will be amazed, we sure were. In fact, the one in the image above is super bright and fun with a wonderfully positive message. So, If you like this cool nail art idea by MayQueen, you should get the details on it here.

Marvel nails for little girls

Marvel nails for little girls definitely made this list because of classic fun. I mean, come on -who does not love Marvel characters! These nails above picture the most famous woman of all! We can only say “Thank you” to Am Nails, for sharing such awesome nail art! [Wonder Woman]

Color changing nail designs

[This is really going to tell my age] However, I remember when the coloring changing t-shirts came out. OMG! they were amazing. We would hold them to our mouth and blow on them just to show our friends. or anyone that would watch, that they changed colors. It was so cool. When we saw that they have this amazing feature in nails for kids, the excitement just busted out. So, if you want to see the same enthusiasm then these are the fake nails for kids to get. . You can be certain they will show these off to anyone who will watch. Once again, I have to say “Thank you”this time to, Vivace.

Disney Characters; Minnie Mouse on the look of acrylic nails for kids

Disney Characters like Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Goofey, and Mickey Mouse are classic kid favorites. They are extremely popular with children of all ages. Face it; they are just as popular with adults. I mean, come on, Minne Mouse is just too cute! Sydney [My niece] picked this one out lightning fast. She said it was her favorite design. The Disney store offers these Minnie Mouse and Dasiy Duck stick on nails above.

polka-dot nail designs for kids

These Polka-Dot Nail Designed by Beautia are a super cute alternative to actual acrylic nails for kids. Children will look trendy and fun with this nail design. The absolute best part is that polka-dots never go out of style.

The black fake nails for little girls

Black fake nails are a simple nail design with a strong statement. I am not a huge fan of black nails, except maybe for Halloween, which is just around the corner, might I add. However, it seems that my oldest niece, “P” [Age 11], loves them. The reason she says is “they go with everything.” These nail designs are offered by Yalice and are sure to make a statement and “go with everything.

adorable designs on fake nails for kids

Other acrylic nails for kids’ alternatives I love are these adorable designs. I guess you can say I am a donut fan. These unique nail art donuts below are super fun and sassy. SIUSIO offers these designs for kids’ nails.

cute fake nail designs for kids

Cute fake nails like these speak for themselves. The “Hello Kitty Styled” nail designs from Beautia are as cute as a kitten.

Clear French Nails for the look of acrylic nails for kids

Clear French Nails are Trendy and classic for the look of acrylic nails for kids. These from broadway are no different. I found that clear french nails look good with a little color too.

Short Fake nail designs for kids

Short Fake nails can be worn by any little girl. They stay out of the way of active kids. SIUSIO knows that, too, and gave us these trendy nail designs for kids.

One Stroke Nail Art for the look of acrylic nails for kids

One Stroke Nail Art is amazing! Watch this video, and you will see exactly what I am talking about. You could do this yourself on a set of plain color press on nails. Kids would love to show off your skills—everything you need to get started in the kit below from Proteove.[Except for the paint & nails] Try your hand at it – why not!

Swarovski Crystals [Rhinestone] nail designs for kids

Swarovski Crystals [Rhinestone] nail designs for kids are sure to bring on the big bling Smiles. In fact, that is are guaranteed! Drecode does a great job offering these shiny nails.

Colors and Colorful nails for little girls

Let the little ones wear Colorful nail designs That stand out. Stunning colors on nails like the one at SIUSIO are gorgeous. This is a Stylish Nail design kids will love to show off!

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Well, There You Have It! Our talk about acrylic nails for kids is complete. I Hope You Enjoyed This Post And Found It Helpful. Be Sure To Let Me know what you think In The Comments. Also, check out my side note; you may find it helpful too – [*wink] It makes a great holiday present for busy people!

Find out if getting acrylic nails for kids is okay. Just read our answer first. Get The low down on Acrylic Nails and other nail designs for kids.

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