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this is for teaching kids a words to read
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Are you looking for easy to learn a words for kids? If so, you’re in the right place to get them when teaching preschoolers. Of course, finding the perfect words that start with the letter A can help kids in so many ways.

In fact, with the right ones, preschoolers will remember them and their sound, which will build their confidence as they begin reading. Truthfully, there are so many that can help your little one; the list is almost endless!

Continue reading below to find easy words that start with a so you can help your little one master the letter a and more.

words beginning with a

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List of A words, for kids to use when learning the letter a


Many words start with a; however, I still had to start this post with the one that almost always tops the list. Apple is great because it is a commonly used item for kids.

With the right words preschoolers will be able to remember the word and sound which will build their confidence as they begin reading small words and more.


Big teeth and a scary chomp what preschoolers could forget an alligator. That is why it is such a great tool for teaching and learning.

Aa - Alligator- a words for kids


Most kids like the noise from this word that starts with a – Ambulance.

Ambulance Teach kids to read with a words


Teach kids to read with a words


a words for kids


a words for kids

Arm is a strong a word!

Kids have these too, and they love to show off their muscles. That is what makes arm one of the best to use.


Fill this With the right fish, and your preschooler can find a words for kids all day long!


We love our preschoolers to the moon and back! That is why we use a – as in an astronaut to help them learn!

Ape – the loveable a word

At the zoo, this a favorite animal of most kids. Speaking of zoo, If you can not, go check out some of these virtual field trips.

Well, There You Have It! I Hope You Enjoyed This Post And Found It Helpful. Be Sure To Let Me In The Comments.

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